We are helping to companies in Slovakia to grow for over 20 years

advise them, we lead them accounting, we provide payroll administration, representing them during tax inspections ...

ADIKA s.r.o.



economic consulting
accounting consulting
tax consulting


easy accounting
double accounting
tax records


handling of wages
keeping of personal agenda
advice on human resource management



taxing entities
taxation of individuals
indirect taxes (VAT, excise ,…)
international taxation
local taxes

External audit

statutory audit
continuous audit
detailed audit
volunteer audit

Other services

reconstruction accounts for the previous period
treatment of internal accounting guidelines
mediation of work permits for foreign nationals (for customers)
accounting supervision
liquidation, bankruptcy, restructuring
investment projects
projects for bank loans
company formation
financial analysis

why choose ...

ADIKA s.r.o.

opportunity to lead discussions in Polish, German, English or French
we know how to save your money
outputs of the accounting and payroll in Slovak, German and English
warranty for the correctness of accounting, tax and advisory services provided
your costs for accounting, payroll and advisory services will rapidly reduced
you don’t pay for expensive training for your staff
you pay only for services that no other costs associated
attend to business and not legislation
all in one place, you don’t search accounting and tax advisors
no worries for a tax audit, we will represent you
you don’t waste precious time, we will the documents pick up from you
all about taxes in one place
comprehensive processing of payroll and HR administration
if you need an audit, it doesn’t a problem

little about ...

ADIKA s.r.o.

Company ADIKA, s.r.o. was established in April 1999 and it is a continuation of ADIKA company, which was founded in 1992 as an individual company. Since the beginning of its tenure provides ADIKA, s.r.o. a complete set of economic and legal-consulting services for its clients, which is based on guaranteed bookkeeping, guaranteed accounting and fiscal oversight, payroll and human resources, tax consulting and auditing services.

Our first priority is to provide the highest quality of services, a complete, thorough and timely service to all clients with an emphasis on high professionalism, a long-term and quality cooperation and an individual approach to every client.

The owner and Managing Director – Ing. Irena Jamborová and Ing. Danka Stráska act as the certified accountants in a certification of accountants organized by the Slovak Chamber of Certified Accountants in the SR. They are members of Slovak Chambers of Certified Accountants. Ing. Irena Jamborová is also a tax advisor on the list of tax advisors and is a member of the Slovak Chambers of Tax Advisors. Their qualification and years of experience are guarantee for expertise and high quality of provided services.

We are providing our services to different types of individuals and legal entities, from small sole traders and small businesses without employees to large companies.

ADIKA s.r.o.
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